Wednesday, 23 May, 2018

If you have ever been looking for a job, or even looking to change jobs, then you may realise, it is not a cheap venture.  You want to look the part for the interview and also there can be the cost of getting to the interview.

There is a cleaning service near me that have a sign that states if you are unemployed and need a suit cleaned and pressed, they will clean it for free.

That’s a nice offer, especially if you are unemployed.

A recent by Totaljobs showed than on average we spend £146.29 each time we go on a job interview.

This almost £150 goes for make-up, transportation, new outfits/suit, and help in writing a CV.

If you are seriously looking for a job, you may have several if not more interviews in a short time frame.  This can all add up, and it may not add up to a job.

The survey involved 4,000 people, of which three out of five stated they had trouble sleeping prior to an interview, and that they found the process difficult.

I would agree on the difficult aspect to finding a job.  I have been fortunate and not had to look for work for many years, but the process has changed.  While it is easy to find jobs and apply via online, some of the applications ask questions that are difficult to substantiate.

The Group Sales Director for Totaljobs, John Salt stated, “It’s concerning to see the amount of money that jobseekers are spending to get themselves noticed, when they are not preparing in some of the most basic, low cost, but effective ways they could be.”

“Simple things like researching the role and the industry will obviously count for a lot at interview stage, as will the way jobseekers come across generally to their prospective employer in interview.”


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