Once again regulator and the government are expressing concerns over growing household debt, and what has been termed a “debt time bomb“. With personal debt levels now at £200 billion, one question that may need to be asked is, how did we find ourselves in so much debt? Was it due to easy access… Read more »

  If we continue on the path and trend we are currently on, data shows that sometime this year in 2018, “peak cash” will pass, and at that point we will be using debit and credit cards, and other non-cash means for payment more than we will be using cash. If would appear that our… Read more »

How loyal are you as a consumer? Do you shop at the same stores, buy the same items, drive the same cars, use the same mobile provider, gas and electric company, even buy the same food items and household products. Many of us do. We find something we like and we stick with it. And… Read more »

The next in line for what you may ask??? The next to be facing Parliament and the public for errors, miscalculations, mis-selling, and in general poor business practices. There was the mis-selling of PPI, banks losing millions, payday lenders, etc, and it may be accountants are next. Now you might say to yourself, accountants, their… Read more »