If you live in a city or town that has a university in it, or one of the many cities that has multiple universities, then the past few days you have seen them coming….students! The students are returning to the resident halls, and student accommodations around the country. Universities and students bring a lot… Read more »

The debate go on as to if diesel vehicles, cars in particular, emit more CO2 and pollutants into the air than petrol cars goes on, however, the debate aside, the government is looking to ban all diesel and petrol cars by 2040. The ban is hoped not just to improve the air, but improve our… Read more »

  Our currency here in the UK is on a roll of changes lately. First we had the new plastic fivers being introduced into circulation. Then the new 12 sided pound coins being brought out, and now the new £10 notes. While the new currency has been accepted, as if we had a choice, and… Read more »

He said, “I’ll be back”, and he is, in new PPI ads on TV. One of, if not the largest mis-selling scandal to be uncovered in recent or all times, is the PPI/Payment Protection Insurance scandal. The banks have set aside billions and billions for these claims, and have already paid out billion in past… Read more »

You can hardly go a day without there being some new scam being tried out on us, the unsuspecting public, these days. Everyday someone wakes up and thinks, “how can I scam people out of their money today?”. At least that is what it seems like. It would appear that with all the great technology… Read more »