Would you be a money mule? Do you even know what a money mule is? According to a survey by Santander, only 15% of the 2,000 people they surveyed could spot a fake ad for a money mule, and even then when explained it is a part of a criminal activity, 7% said they… Read more »

With the New Year here and all the new resolutions we are making, one of those resolutions may be to save money. When you set-up a household budget, one of the components to have in that budget is savings. Savings for emergencies, holidays, and for the proverbial rainy day. One of the best ways to… Read more »

They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and they may be right; whomever “they” are? The facts are that Ryanair seems to be in the news and public eye, almost on a daily basis, and not all the news is good. The airline industry as a whole are a bit mysterious… Read more »

It is the New Year, and as promised rail fares have gone up. And they have gone up considerably, 3.4% to be exact. For some commuters who hold season tickets, their fares may have risen by £100! Campaigners and unions are stating that those that ride the rails are being “priced off” the trains. Rail… Read more »