As consumers we see an increase in the cost of goods and services and have to make changes accordingly with our budgets and spending. We only have so much money to work with, and must fit our buying habits in with that amount of money. Businesses experience and have the same set of financial… Read more »

  If there were two words you might not think you’d ever see in the same sentence, they might be, McDonald’s and strike. However, that may be what is going to occur. The employees at the McDonald’s restaurants in Cambridge and Crayford, have voted to go on strike. The employees are asking for “secure working… Read more »

  There’s an old joke about two things you can count on, death and taxes. As an employee, many of us are PAYE tax payers, which is pay-as-you-earn. Our employer takes out the taxes we owe HMRC and our taxes are paid. If you are self-employed you have to file taxes on your own, or… Read more »

There is a newish term in the news lately, but the concept itself has been around for some time, the term is “gig economy” or “gig economy worker(s)”. What the term is referring to is workers who work contractually, and as needed. One definition says, “a labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts… Read more »

If you don’t know by now, data, in particular your data, is valuable. Valuable to a lot of people. Your details and information about you is valuable to those who may wish to sell you things, like products and services. It also is valuable to those who may wish to use your details and data… Read more »

There are many jobs out there in the world today, some jobs are popular and everyone wants them, and some jobs are not so popular. There are jobs that pay great salaries, but for a variety of reasons, no one wants them. They may be dangerous jobs, or dirty jobs, or doing something just plain… Read more »