Sports Direct has been in the news recently for a few things, most importantly, the treatment of its employees. Employees in the company’s main warehouse are on zero hour contracts as are many of the other employees. Employees have their wages docked even if they are a few minutes late, take too long in the… Read more »

Sports Direct has come to a deal with HMRC and their worker’s union Unite, to pay thousands of their workers back wages totalling a million pounds.  This is due to the fact they were paying many of their workers less than the national minimum wage. This deal affects both contracted workers and agency staff who… Read more »

We all have heard of “burnout” or being burned out at something, usually it is our jobs, but recently a man in France has decided to sue his former employer for being bored at work and getting bored out. He is suing his ex-employer for £300,000, that should make up for a lot of boredom…. Read more »

Even though banking giant Lloyds had announced a “101% increase in pre-tax profits”, they have also announced the closing of 200 branches by the end of next year, which in turn sees 3,000 jobs lost. The bank announced back in 2014 the closing of 200 branches and the loss of 9,000 jobs. One reason cited… Read more »

Many of us want to be the boss, work for ourselves, have our own business and company, and not answer to “the man”. And some of us have the skills required to do this, to be self-employed. It may be a work from home job such as developing web sites, writing, or consulting and advising… Read more »

Depending on the job you have and the type of work you do, when you leave the office, or where you work, you leave work behind. You don’t bring your work home with you. This is not the case for some jobs. People may be home of an evening or weekend, but still continue to… Read more »

Social media is becoming more and more a part of our lives. If you have a Facebook account, or Google+, or Twitter or Instagram, Linkedin, you know, you cannot get away from it. People send you friend requests, post tweets as to what they are doing, where they are, etc, it is a non-stop new… Read more »

Over the past few years we have heard of the NHS issuing “golden handcuffs” or gagging orders, where ex-employees are paid an amount of money when they leave their jobs, either through redundancy, or quitting, and sign a do not disclose or settlement order. These have been called golden handcuffs, as the ex-employee cannot speak… Read more »