After a three (3) year investigation as to the taxes Apple has been charged and is paying in Ireland, the EU Commission has ruled that the “tax benefits” Apple has been receiving in Ireland are illegal, and Apple should pay back 13 billion Euros or £11 billion. It was said that Ireland allowed Apple to… Read more »

The Bank of England is proposing that buy-to-let landlords should “face new limits” on the amounts they are allowed to borrow. Buy-to-let mortgages are different than an owner-occupied form of mortgage. Although there are landlords that buy a property, stating they are going to live/occupy it, and then rent it out; either shortly after obtaining… Read more »

A few years ago the government stated they were not going to raise council taxes, which on the surface sounds good. What the government did next was to cut the amount of funding to many of the local councils, which in turn caused the local councils to either cut services, increase council taxes, or both…. Read more »

According to a league table included in a report by Citizen’s Advice, entitled, “The State of Debt Collection”, HMRC came out at the bottom, or had the worst collection practices of all the agencies in the report. In doing the research for the report, Citizen’s Advice found that HMRC were “inflexible” when collecting tax credits… Read more »

If you are self-employed then you know you are required each year to file a tax return with HMRC. Many of those who are self-employed use an accountant. This is an additional expense you incur being self-employed, but for many people it is better to have someone else who know the tax system do this… Read more »

I have said it before, and just like the old saying death and taxes, two things you cannot avoid. Yet, there are those that do avoid one of them, taxes Here in the UK we have what has been called a “tax gap”. This is the gap between what should have been paid to HMRC,… Read more »

The Insolvency Service tracks and reports insolvencies each quarter, and through this we can note trends and if there are any spikes in the number of people going bankrupt, or entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, or a Debt Relief Order. All these are forms of insolvency. The Insolvency Service also, due to the information… Read more »

The BBC is facing a huge budget deficit in the hundreds of millions. It was recently stated that there would be job losses at the BBC as one way to make up this deficit. Now the BBC is asking those over age 75, who currently do not have to pay the annual licensing fee, to… Read more »