Ikea the “flat pack” Kings of retail, selling everything and anything you may need for your home, in addition to some tasty meatballs, has been doing well lately. Their sales are up, new stores are being opened, creating jobs, and in general they are doing very well. That is why is comes as a… Read more »

  There are a many taxes that we pay in the UK, one of those is council tax, and if you have a business, then you pay business rates. These are priority expenses and bills to be paid each month. And if you don’t pay them, councils have a wide range of collection tools at… Read more »

  There’s an old joke about two things you can count on, death and taxes. As an employee, many of us are PAYE tax payers, which is pay-as-you-earn. Our employer takes out the taxes we owe HMRC and our taxes are paid. If you are self-employed you have to file taxes on your own, or… Read more »

The Queen is set to receive a pay rise in the amount of £6m, and this money is to come from the “public funds”. Now there will be those that will go to the pub after reading this news and after a few, will begin to pontificate about how the Queen is not worth a… Read more »

If you were unaware, there is a tax on insurance premiums, that’s right very little gets past Mr. Taxman, including insurance. This tax is called “Insurance Premium Tax“, and is sort of in place of VAT. The government felt that the insurance industry was “under-taxed” so IPT was created in 1994. It earns the government… Read more »