We all like saving money, and if you use the rails to commute for work, or just to leisurely get around the country, then you know riding the rails is not cheap. In fact ticket fares went up again this month, and have gone up almost every year. So if there is a way to… Read more »

With the New Year here and all the new resolutions we are making, one of those resolutions may be to save money. When you set-up a household budget, one of the components to have in that budget is savings. Savings for emergencies, holidays, and for the proverbial rainy day. One of the best ways to… Read more »

The debate go on as to if diesel vehicles, cars in particular, emit more CO2 and pollutants into the air than petrol cars goes on, however, the debate aside, the government is looking to ban all diesel and petrol cars by 2040. The ban is hoped not just to improve the air, but improve our… Read more »

If you have recently gotten married, or are in the process of planning a wedding, then you know weddings can be costly. Depending on what type of wedding you have, and if you want all the bells and whistles that can go with some weddings, you can easily spend tens of thousands of pounds. The… Read more »

Many of us are aware of and participate in loyalty schemes offered by various retail and food establishments. And many of these loyalty schemes or concepts are good ones. Tesco is one that springs to mind with their Club Card scheme. Every time you shop at Tesco you have the card swiped and points are… Read more »

I had thought food prices had been dropping as I noticed it lately when I was in my local supermarket.  I noticed all the offers that were on, and many of the regular items I purchased seemed to be slightly lower in price. And it would seem my observations were accurate as a Nielsen study… Read more »

Technology and the Internet is changing the way we live, for the most part in positive ways. The Internet makes it easier to look for work, and for some even work from home.  Emails and instant messaging and Skype, keep us in contact with each other, and we can even have these applications and communication… Read more »