Our currency here in the UK is on a roll of changes lately. First we had the new plastic fivers being introduced into circulation. Then the new 12 sided pound coins being brought out, and now the new £10 notes. While the new currency has been accepted, as if we had a choice, and… Read more »

If you have recently gotten married, or are in the process of planning a wedding, then you know weddings can be costly. Depending on what type of wedding you have, and if you want all the bells and whistles that can go with some weddings, you can easily spend tens of thousands of pounds. The… Read more »

  The online gambling firm 888, has been fined a record £7.8 million by the Gambling Commission for failure to protect “vulnerable customers”. The regulator stated they found “significant flaws” in the company’s “social responsibility process”. There has always been a debate about as to if gambling really is entertainment, or just an addiction. An… Read more »

  This past March, the Bank of England rolled out (pun intended) a new £1 coin. The new coin has 12 sides, and uses two different coloured metals, similar to the £2 coin, and is supposed to be counterfeit proof. In fact to date, no counterfeit new £1 coins have been found or seen. Te… Read more »

  Households here in the UK waste tonnes of food each year, yes tonnes! And it is not just us and our households that waste food, food is also wasted at the retail level by the supermarket chains. Everyday thousands of pounds worth of food is wasted due to damage, or being out of date;… Read more »