Would you be a money mule? Do you even know what a money mule is? According to a survey by Santander, only 15% of the 2,000 people they surveyed could spot a fake ad for a money mule, and even then when explained it is a part of a criminal activity, 7% said they… Read more »

With the New Year here and all the new resolutions we are making, one of those resolutions may be to save money. When you set-up a household budget, one of the components to have in that budget is savings. Savings for emergencies, holidays, and for the proverbial rainy day. One of the best ways to… Read more »

It is the New Year, and as promised rail fares have gone up. And they have gone up considerably, 3.4% to be exact. For some commuters who hold season tickets, their fares may have risen by £100! Campaigners and unions are stating that those that ride the rails are being “priced off” the trains. Rail… Read more »

  Digital money, or cryptocurrency as it is known, is a hot item at the moment. In particular, Bitcoin has been an investor’s dream, or nightmare depending on which side you are on. No matter what your thoughts are on Bitcoin and digital money, it is here, and seems to be popular. Popular enough that… Read more »

  If you are an investor, or even if you are not and just read the news, then you are aware of the trend the past few years in investing in cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become somewhat of a “fad” for investors these days, in part due to its digital nature, and also… Read more »

  Wolves may howl at the moon, but this wolf is howling at Bitcoin, Jordan Belfort, the man behind the book and film, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, is saying to investors, Bitcoin is a “huge scam“. Even the regulator of the financial sector, the FCA/Financial Conduct Authority is warning investors about Bitcoin stating, “be… Read more »

  It would appear that many of the same themes have been news worthy and in the news frequently the past few months. Brexit is always being written about. The supermarkets and how competitive they are and the sales that may be on, and of course market shares. Now ATM’s and cash points seem to… Read more »