In this technological and digital age, and with everything be computerised, we are constantly told, “back-up your data”. Back-up your files on a regular basis. This due to ransomware, computer hackers, and just plain old the computer may wear out. So as we can see, backing up our computers and data is important. But do… Read more »

  We all know by now how banking across the globe has changed. No one goes in bank branches much any longer, that is why so many are closing. RBS just announced another set of closures. And they are not alone, many of the High Street banks are closing branches, and why….due to less foot… Read more »

On the surface the answer to this little question may be, well…someone with bad credit. However, if you look a little deeper, it is not always someone with bad credit taking out what can be termed, a bad credit loan. Bad Credit Loans Banks and lenders like to loan money, that is one way thy… Read more »

  If we continue on the path and trend we are currently on, data shows that sometime this year in 2018, “peak cash” will pass, and at that point we will be using debit and credit cards, and other non-cash means for payment more than we will be using cash. If would appear that our… Read more »

  A lot is changing in the world, and in the world of personal finance and money. It seems only yesterday we were queueing up at bank branches to pay in our wages via pay cheques, or to get cash out. Then banking got automated to a degree, we could use ATMs and cash points… Read more »