According to the ABI/Association of British Insurers, we are paying more now for car insurance, and this year is the “fastest year-on-year rise” in car insurance in the past five (5) years. There are many factors that are used in determining insurance premiums, and currently the average current premium for car insurance is £484…. Read more »

  It seems it was just the other day we were seeing the rolling out of the new £1 coin, and also last year the new plastic £5 notes. Oddly enough, both these pieces of currency became collector’s items to some, and worth a few quid. Now as expected, the Bank of England is unveiling… Read more »

In March of this year the Royal Mint introduced a new £1 (one pound) coin, which sort of follows suite of issuing the new polymer or plastic £5 notes. We are getting new plastic £10 notes soon, and by 2020, new plastic £20 notes. One huge reason for the new notes and pound coin is… Read more »

The use of the word “trap” may seem a bit harsh, as for some people the deal of buying something now and paying for it later, with no interest being charged, can be and is a good deal. This is if you read the fine print and understand completely what you are doing and getting… Read more »

It would seem just about everything is going up in costs and price these days, in part due to inflation creeping back into our lives. The amount of debt we carry is going up, to a point where many are concerned it could blow up if one little thing changes, such as a slow down… Read more »