We are told we need to save money, put money away for the proverbial rainy day. Have an emergency savings, long-term savings, and of course retirement savings. So with all these different forms of savings we are expected to have, where should we keep our money? In a bank, we suppose. However, it was not… Read more »

  In today’s world of travel, hotels, and online shopping, a necessary evil are credit cards. Yes, you can use your debit card, but for many hotels they may place a hold on money in your account until you check-out and settle the bill. This can limit the money you have to spend. With credit… Read more »

It might be the economy, it maybe the fact there is so much in the press about credit card debt and a ticking “debt time bomb“, or perhaps it is just that people have used and/or exhausted their credit lines, but unsecured lending was slower in August. UK Finance’s research showed that consumer credit rose… Read more »

The use of the word “trap” may seem a bit harsh, as for some people the deal of buying something now and paying for it later, with no interest being charged, can be and is a good deal. This is if you read the fine print and understand completely what you are doing and getting… Read more »

It would seem just about everything is going up in costs and price these days, in part due to inflation creeping back into our lives. The amount of debt we carry is going up, to a point where many are concerned it could blow up if one little thing changes, such as a slow down… Read more »

It is not a good feeling to apply for a loan you need, only to have the loan turned down, denied, rejected. The worst would be if you were rejected for a mortgage, and then couldn’t buy the house you had wanted. People sometimes take their credit and credit scores for granted; maybe they are… Read more »