Recently Sainsbury’s has reported that while their sales have risen, profits have dropped by 9%. Sainsbury’s is the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, and reported profits of £251 million, while “like-for-like” sales were up 1.6%, this excludes fuel. Why the increased sales yet a fall in profits, this was due to “wage cost inflation”,… Read more »

In this ever change world of technology we live in, sometimes the technology takes us ahead at a faster pace than we can fathom or understand. Interestingly enough two area of technology that seem to be crossing paths with an older technology are laser pointers and drones. They both seem to be getting in the… Read more »

The supermarkets seem to really be in the news a lot lately. We know how important it is that we have food to eat, and the competitive nature of the supermarkets, but years ago we never got news on them as we do now. Some supermarkets are even in the news for poor accounting practices…. Read more »

  Households here in the UK waste tonnes of food each year, yes tonnes! And it is not just us and our households that waste food, food is also wasted at the retail level by the supermarket chains. Everyday thousands of pounds worth of food is wasted due to damage, or being out of date;… Read more »

  Centrica, the owner of British Gas has announced they will be raising the price of electricity beginning the 15th of September for its customers. The increase will be 12.5%, and will affect over 3 million customers. It doesn’t seem that long ago British Gas was giving away “free electricity” when it allowed customers to… Read more »