Much has changed over the years, and we owe a lot of this change to us as consumers, and to technology. As to which one drove the other first, it would be hard to decide, and could change according to product or service. A good example is how we bank in these modern times…. Read more »

  Shoplifting is not just a big crime, but also big business. It costs us all. Nearly a billion pounds of items are stolen each year from retailers. That is a lot of shoplifting. As to what people steal, you name it, they steal it. If you just take a few moments to look through… Read more »

  Food waste here in the UK and around the world is off the charts! Literally tonnes and tonnes of food is wasted each year. Each household alone wastes enough food to feed many households in other starving countries. And this time of year, along with the holiday season in the summer, is one of… Read more »