If you have ever been looking for a job, or even looking to change jobs, then you may realise, it is not a cheap venture.  You want to look the part for the interview and also there can be the cost of getting to the interview. There is a cleaning service near me that have… Read more »

For the past few years there has been a lot of press, mostly negative, about payday loans and payday lenders. Payday loans were a way for someone who has weak, poor, or no credit to get a short-term loan.  Short-term in the sense of the loan is until the borrower’s next payday. To qualify for… Read more »

There have been, and still are, many questions about the outcome of the vote to leave the EU.  Hopefully soon, and in time, these questions will be addressed and answered, but it is a complicated and complex issue. There are so many components to our leaving the EU, and one of them is regarding travel… Read more »

It was 50 years ago the Beatles released their classic album Revolver, and played their last live performance.  (not counting the brief moment atop Abbey Road studios) It was also 50 years ago the Beach Boys released their classic album Pet Sounds. The Severn Bridge was opened 50 years ago. 50 years ago Queen Elizabeth… Read more »

I had thought food prices had been dropping as I noticed it lately when I was in my local supermarket.  I noticed all the offers that were on, and many of the regular items I purchased seemed to be slightly lower in price. And it would seem my observations were accurate as a Nielsen study… Read more »

Technology and the Internet is changing the way we live, for the most part in positive ways. The Internet makes it easier to look for work, and for some even work from home.  Emails and instant messaging and Skype, keep us in contact with each other, and we can even have these applications and communication… Read more »

Beginning September 28th, EE is going to substantially raise it rates for those customers that call outside of their calling plans. A “standard UK call” will increase from .40p to .50p a minute.  The international rates will increase even more.  Calls to Australia, Canada and the US, that previously cost £1 a minute, will go… Read more »

There have always been households/families that live monthly, paycheque to paycheque.  For many people their wages can only go so far. However, a study by Shelter and YouGov, found that three (3) million working households, or more than one in three of those they spoke with, were just one paycheque away from losing their homes… Read more »

  Pokemon Go has really taken the world by storm, so to say.  Not only are millions of people downloading the game and playing it, but it has caused some issues and concerns as well. The goal of the game, if there is one that can be achieved, is to go out and find various… Read more »