Shoplifting is not just a big crime, but also big business. It costs us all. Nearly a billion pounds of items are stolen each year from retailers. That is a lot of shoplifting. As to what people steal, you name it, they steal it. If you just take a few moments to look through… Read more »

  Food waste here in the UK and around the world is off the charts! Literally tonnes and tonnes of food is wasted each year. Each household alone wastes enough food to feed many households in other starving countries. And this time of year, along with the holiday season in the summer, is one of… Read more »

  Here in the UK we waste billions of pounds of food each year, and not just in weight, but also in £££. It is not just a problem here in the UK, but around the globe, as many countries experience the same degree of food waste. It seem silly in some ways as there… Read more »

I have always said, we are a nation of mobile phone lovers. In fact there are more mobile phones in the UK then there are people, which mean many of us have more than one mobile phone. Our mobile phones are more than just a connecting lifeline to the outside world, they are our entertainment… Read more »

  Recently Sainsbury’s has reported that while their sales have risen, profits have dropped by 9%. Sainsbury’s is the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, and reported profits of £251 million, while “like-for-like” sales were up 1.6%, this excludes fuel. Why the increased sales yet a fall in profits, this was due to “wage cost inflation”,… Read more »

In this ever change world of technology we live in, sometimes the technology takes us ahead at a faster pace than we can fathom or understand. Interestingly enough two area of technology that seem to be crossing paths with an older technology are laser pointers and drones. They both seem to be getting in the… Read more »