Households here in the UK waste tonnes of food each year, yes tonnes! And it is not just us and our households that waste food, food is also wasted at the retail level by the supermarket chains. Everyday thousands of pounds worth of food is wasted due to damage, or being out of date;… Read more »

  Centrica, the owner of British Gas has announced they will be raising the price of electricity beginning the 15th of September for its customers. The increase will be 12.5%, and will affect over 3 million customers. It doesn’t seem that long ago British Gas was giving away “free electricity” when it allowed customers to… Read more »

I thought it was just me that had been noticing that flights these days seem to be overly full. The majority of flights I have taken in the past few years seem to be full, or near full, and of course this makes locating space to put your carry-on bags more difficult. It would seem… Read more »

Vinyl records are making a comeback; many wonder if they ever really went away. Back in the 80’s when CD’s/compact discs came out, everyone heralded it as the new age of music. These small plastic discs could hold more music, and in some instances, have better sound in a smaller format, that the old records… Read more »