Vinyl records are making a comeback; many wonder if they ever really went away. Back in the 80’s when CD’s/compact discs came out, everyone heralded it as the new age of music. These small plastic discs could hold more music, and in some instances, have better sound in a smaller format, that the old records… Read more »

It’s called the “Big Day” or your “Special Day”, whatever you wish to call it, getting married and having a nice wedding is pretty important in many people’s lives. It is a day when friends and family all gather together, and a couple not just publicly admit their love for one another, but do so… Read more »

You can hardly go a day without there being some new scam being tried out on us, the unsuspecting public, these days. Everyday someone wakes up and thinks, “how can I scam people out of their money today?”. At least that is what it seems like. It would appear that with all the great technology… Read more »

If you have ever used your mobile phone abroad and then returned home to find a month later you have a huge bill to be paid, then you know, using your mobile phone abroad can get expensive. And using data abroad can be even more expensive. What many people don’t realise is you need to… Read more »

If like many of us you take a holiday, or holidays outside of the UK you are probably aware you should have travel insurance. There are those that rely only on having EHIC card, however, there are certain medical conditions that are not covered, and it does not cover getting you back home. In addition,… Read more »