If you know what Airbnb is, then you know how popular it has become.  If you don’t know what Airbnb is, I will explain in brief. It is a web site and company where people can place their homes to be used as B&B’s for travellers to come stay in.  You can list any property… Read more »

In the property market there is a thing called a “housing bubble”.  There are bubbles in many markets and in investing. Why these things are called a bubble is due to the fact bubbles burst.  In the example of a house bubble, the bubble burts when property prices reach a maximum peak, buyers are few,… Read more »

 Many moons ago getting a mortgage was a lengthy process, and could take months. Verifications had to be sent out to employers, landlords, banks, credit bureaus checked, you had to provide documentation on your banking and wages. Moving forward it time the process has become much more streamlined.  However, a new lender BlueZest is planning… Read more »

According to property service company Countrywide, the average rent in London has dropped to £1,280 a month, which is the first time there has been a reduction in rent in the Big Smoke since 2010. One thought as to why there is this reduction in London, as the rest of the country saw rents rise… Read more »

Figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders shows an 85% reduction in the number of buy-to-let mortgages in April, this due to the new stamp duty being introduced this year for second homes. The figures show that £600 million worth of loans were taken out for 4,200 buy-to-let mortgages. Many landlords bought properties and tried… Read more »

According to the Office for National Statistics, net migration, which is the difference between the number of migrants that enter the UK and stay for one year, less the number of migrants leaving the UK for one year rose, to 333,000 for the year 2015. This is the second highest number on record. An estimate… Read more »

The Bank of England is proposing that buy-to-let landlords should “face new limits” on the amounts they are allowed to borrow. Buy-to-let mortgages are different than an owner-occupied form of mortgage. Although there are landlords that buy a property, stating they are going to live/occupy it, and then rent it out; either shortly after obtaining… Read more »