A title of a book, song lyrics, and also used in some jokes, the above phrase could not be more true than it is now. Due to massive technological advances, and especially the Internet and digital age, our lives are changing at an almost exponential rate. “You’re living in the past man“, while an… Read more »

One thing that is interesting around the country, is that you hear about a “housing crisis” or lack of affordable housing, and yet you see so many tinned up, or derelict houses. Why not have councils refurbish these into homes for people to live? Money, that is why. It costs money to redo and refurbish… Read more »

If there is one thing we can count on, it is change. And when it comes to changes in selling and buying, our old friend supply and demand steps right in. In many areas of the country, we have been facing a “housing crisis” as there are not enough houses being built to keep up… Read more »

  When you think about everything that is involved in buying a property, and all the things that can go wrong, it is almost a miracle that houses get sold. First you have to find the perfect property and location. Then you need to place a bid, get approved for a mortgage, and settle the… Read more »