There is nothing worse then applying for a loan and being denied, and it doesn’t need to be this way. If we review our credit histories and credit score periodically we can then know where we stand and have a little more knowledge as to if we would be approved for a loan or… Read more »

A lawsuit against MasterCard for charging high fees could mean that 46 million people in the UK could receive a payout of £300. Walter Merricks, who was a former financial services ombudsman filed the lawsuit and stated, MasterCard charged billions of pounds of unlawfully high fees for its sole benefit and to the detriment of… Read more »

A short while back the Bank of England announced plans to release new plastic notes to replace the £5, £10, and £20 paper notes now in circulation. These new notes are made with a “polymer” type plastic and will last many years longer than the current paper notes.  Paper notes in some instances only last… Read more »

Beginning September 28th, EE is going to substantially raise it rates for those customers that call outside of their calling plans. A “standard UK call” will increase from .40p to .50p a minute.  The international rates will increase even more.  Calls to Australia, Canada and the US, that previously cost £1 a minute, will go… Read more »

There have always been households/families that live monthly, paycheque to paycheque.  For many people their wages can only go so far. However, a study by Shelter and YouGov, found that three (3) million working households, or more than one in three of those they spoke with, were just one paycheque away from losing their homes… Read more »

According to the BBA/British Bankers Association, our use of credit cards has not slowed down due to the vote to leave the EU, or Brexit. The BBA states that in July there were 168 million purchases using credit cards.  This is higher than  in June and the average of the previous six (6) months. This… Read more »

According to property service company Countrywide, the average rent in London has dropped to £1,280 a month, which is the first time there has been a reduction in rent in the Big Smoke since 2010. One thought as to why there is this reduction in London, as the rest of the country saw rents rise… Read more »

The GBP has been bounced about lately as to its strength against other currencies.  Years ago you could get $1.50 for £1, but due to the Brexit and the uncertainty of things, the Pound has been devalued. Prior to the vote to leave the EU, the Pound saw a surge in its value against other… Read more »