If you are an investor, or even if you are not and just read the news, then you are aware of the trend the past few years in investing in cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become somewhat of a “fad” for investors these days, in part due to its digital nature, and also… Read more »

  Wolves may howl at the moon, but this wolf is howling at Bitcoin, Jordan Belfort, the man behind the book and film, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, is saying to investors, Bitcoin is a “huge scam“. Even the regulator of the financial sector, the FCA/Financial Conduct Authority is warning investors about Bitcoin stating, “be… Read more »

  For the first time since the Bank of England began “stress testing” UK banks, all have passed the test. In years past, there had been banks that had failed the test, or showed weaknesses. This is good to see and know, as the future of banking, especially with the Brexit on the horizon, could… Read more »

Christmas will soon be here, and the sales have started, and the shoppers are shopping, but according to research done for the credit card provider Visa, shopping and spending well be down. Many shops and retailers count on the Christmas season to carry them through another year. This is the time of year they can… Read more »

If you have shopped for furniture, or for just about any household item in the past decade, at some point you have probably found yourself in an Ikea store, or glanced through one of their catalogues. Ikea are the “flat pack” Kings of anything household. And if you have bought a piece from Ikea, struggled… Read more »

If there is one thing we can count on, it is change. And when it comes to changes in selling and buying, our old friend supply and demand steps right in. In many areas of the country, we have been facing a “housing crisis” as there are not enough houses being built to keep up… Read more »