It would seem that Danish toy maker Lego is not getting all the pieces to fit together these days an is joining the ranks of Tesco in cutting jobs. Tesco recently announced they were cutting over 1,000 jobs at one of their main offices in order to cut costs. This follows the seemingly ending… Read more »

Hurricane Harvey has made his, or its, presence known now across Texas and the Gulf Coast, with flood waters rising, high winds, and mass destruction and loss of lives. Even when we know these natural disasters are coming, sometimes you cannot fully prepare for them. And with the loss of lives, and property, will be… Read more »

  As consumers we see an increase in the cost of goods and services and have to make changes accordingly with our budgets and spending. We only have so much money to work with, and must fit our buying habits in with that amount of money. Businesses experience and have the same set of financial… Read more »

  If you are unaware or not in the know, competition in the supermarket game is tough, very tough! We all need to et, so we all need to buy food, but whom we buy that food from, who we give our precious earnings to for that food, is the battle ground. We as consumers… Read more »

  Soon you may be able to get an automatic refund on your rail fare if you pay too much, and you can use a mobile application to book your rail tickets, but beginning January next year 2018, you are going to pay more. This increase won’t affect your rights regarding travel and rail disruptions… Read more »

  We are a fickle lot us consumers. One day we like one thing, the next day it may be something else. We also change not just our buying habits, but also how we buy. In today’s techno world of computers and mobile phones, a lot of us are doing our shopping online, even for… Read more »

It is being discussed and debated ad nauseam, is in the news on an almost daily basis, and is shaking the very foundation of our economy here in the UK, can you guess what it is??? The Brexit! Businesses are speaking about how they will relocate their main offices to other cities in the EU… Read more »