It seems it was just the other day we were seeing the rolling out of the new £1 coin, and also last year the new plastic £5 notes. Oddly enough, both these pieces of currency became collector’s items to some, and worth a few quid. Now as expected, the Bank of England is unveiling… Read more »

There is a newish term in the news lately, but the concept itself has been around for some time, the term is “gig economy” or “gig economy worker(s)”. What the term is referring to is workers who work contractually, and as needed. One definition says, “a labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts… Read more »

In March of this year the Royal Mint introduced a new £1 (one pound) coin, which sort of follows suite of issuing the new polymer or plastic £5 notes. We are getting new plastic £10 notes soon, and by 2020, new plastic £20 notes. One huge reason for the new notes and pound coin is… Read more »

If you understand the economics of “supply and demand”, then you know if demand is high for a product or service, the price for that product or service can and usually will go up. If demand is low, then prices can drop and be lower as well. Another part of that “chain” can also be… Read more »

A sign of the times, and the economy, is when businesses begin the culling of their offices and call centres. Streamlining they call it, cutting the fat, reduction in work force, cutting expenses. Tesco is one of a few larger employers making such changes. They are closing down a call centre, and also one of… Read more »

It has been a crazy couple of years with currency exchange rates and especially with the exchange rates of our Pound against the Euro and the American Dollar. If you look back 10 years ago, there was a time when our lovable Pound was worth almost $2 USD and 1.35 or sometimes more in Euros!… Read more »

  There is nothing worse then applying for a loan and being denied, and it doesn’t need to be this way. If we review our credit histories and credit score periodically we can then know where we stand and have a little more knowledge as to if we would be approved for a loan or… Read more »

A lawsuit against MasterCard for charging high fees could mean that 46 million people in the UK could receive a payout of £300. Walter Merricks, who was a former financial services ombudsman filed the lawsuit and stated, MasterCard charged billions of pounds of unlawfully high fees for its sole benefit and to the detriment of… Read more »