Once again regulator and the government are expressing concerns over growing household debt, and what has been termed a “debt time bomb“. With personal debt levels now at £200 billion, one question that may need to be asked is, how did we find ourselves in so much debt? Was it due to easy access… Read more »

Being in a position of power can feel good, however, it is also a huge responsibility; and as consumers we have both, power and a responsibility. If you doubt this fact, then just look at some of the changes that we as consumers have brought about. If we don’t like a product or service, then… Read more »

  If you are an investor, or even if you are not and just read the news, then you are aware of the trend the past few years in investing in cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become somewhat of a “fad” for investors these days, in part due to its digital nature, and also… Read more »

  Wolves may howl at the moon, but this wolf is howling at Bitcoin, Jordan Belfort, the man behind the book and film, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, is saying to investors, Bitcoin is a “huge scam“. Even the regulator of the financial sector, the FCA/Financial Conduct Authority is warning investors about Bitcoin stating, “be… Read more »