If you have ever been looking for a job, or even looking to change jobs, then you may realise, it is not a cheap venture.  You want to look the part for the interview and also there can be the cost of getting to the interview. There is a cleaning service near me that have… Read more »

A lawsuit against MasterCard for charging high fees could mean that 46 million people in the UK could receive a payout of £300. Walter Merricks, who was a former financial services ombudsman filed the lawsuit and stated, MasterCard charged billions of pounds of unlawfully high fees for its sole benefit and to the detriment of… Read more »

Sports Direct has been in the news recently for a few things, most importantly, the treatment of its employees. Employees in the company’s main warehouse are on zero hour contracts as are many of the other employees. Employees have their wages docked even if they are a few minutes late, take too long in the… Read more »

If you know what Airbnb is, then you know how popular it has become.  If you don’t know what Airbnb is, I will explain in brief. It is a web site and company where people can place their homes to be used as B&B’s for travellers to come stay in.  You can list any property… Read more »

Technology and the Internet is changing the way we live, for the most part in positive ways. The Internet makes it easier to look for work, and for some even work from home.  Emails and instant messaging and Skype, keep us in contact with each other, and we can even have these applications and communication… Read more »

Beginning September 28th, EE is going to substantially raise it rates for those customers that call outside of their calling plans. A “standard UK call” will increase from .40p to .50p a minute.  The international rates will increase even more.  Calls to Australia, Canada and the US, that previously cost £1 a minute, will go… Read more »

After a three (3) year investigation as to the taxes Apple has been charged and is paying in Ireland, the EU Commission has ruled that the “tax benefits” Apple has been receiving in Ireland are illegal, and Apple should pay back 13 billion Euros or £11 billion. It was said that Ireland allowed Apple to… Read more »

If you travel or holiday abroad, you know how expensive it can be to use your mobile while away. Many mobile carriers offer “bundles” you can purchase before you leave and while you are travelling, that allow you a set number of minutes for calls, or texts, and also data that you can use abroad… Read more »