There are a many taxes that we pay in the UK, one of those is council tax, and if you have a business, then you pay business rates. These are priority expenses and bills to be paid each month. And if you don’t pay them, councils have a wide range of collection tools at… Read more »

  Is another print and tree reducing icon coming to an end? First it is the Yellow Pages, and is it now, dare I say/write it…Argos??? Yes, the online and in store retailer that sells just about anything and everything, and who for years has put out these massively huge catalogues showing all their wares,… Read more »

  It would seem that Danish toy maker Lego is not getting all the pieces to fit together these days an is joining the ranks of Tesco in cutting jobs. Tesco recently announced they were cutting over 1,000 jobs at one of their main offices in order to cut costs. This follows the seemingly ending… Read more »

Anything of value can be insured, that is why there are so many forms of insurance available to us today. And one thing that certainly has value is the music industry; concerts and festivals are big business. It’s not just the high ticket prices that make money for promoters and artists/performers, but also merchandise such… Read more »

  With all this worry about the Brexit, and reading about how it is affecting our economy and our currency exchange rates, and businesses saying they may leave the UK, it is nice to hear about something positive for a change. Like a company hiring, providing jobs for people. And Jet2 has done just that…. Read more »

  As consumers we see an increase in the cost of goods and services and have to make changes accordingly with our budgets and spending. We only have so much money to work with, and must fit our buying habits in with that amount of money. Businesses experience and have the same set of financial… Read more »

  If you are unaware or not in the know, competition in the supermarket game is tough, very tough! We all need to et, so we all need to buy food, but whom we buy that food from, who we give our precious earnings to for that food, is the battle ground. We as consumers… Read more »