They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and they may be right; whomever “they” are? The facts are that Ryanair seems to be in the news and public eye, almost on a daily basis, and not all the news is good. The airline industry as a whole are a bit mysterious… Read more »

  Food waste here in the UK and around the world is off the charts! Literally tonnes and tonnes of food is wasted each year. Each household alone wastes enough food to feed many households in other starving countries. And this time of year, along with the holiday season in the summer, is one of… Read more »

  Uber seems to be one of those companies/services, that you either love or you hate. Thousands across the country, if not millions, use their application for taxi rides to and fro, and one the other side of the coin, are the black taxi drivers and various unions that despise the service. Like them or… Read more »

  Ikea the “flat pack” Kings of retail, selling everything and anything you may need for your home, in addition to some tasty meatballs, has been doing well lately. Their sales are up, new stores are being opened, creating jobs, and in general they are doing very well. That is why is comes as a… Read more »

When you look at new businesses today, and their various new business models, taxi service Uber ranks up there in the new and unique category. One of the largest taxi services across the world yet they own no cars themselves. Similar is Airbnb. A large, global B&B/hotel type chain, yet they own no buildings or… Read more »

  If you have been watching the TV lately, and are not a Scrooge, then you know it is becoming Christmas Season, and becoming it quickly in a big way. Tis the season, as they say, and tis the season for the shops and stores to ramp-up in order to get ready for the onslaught… Read more »