There have been many changes to the face of banks and banking over the year, how we bank, online banking, mobile applications for banking, but one fact remains, we need banks and a bank account. How we bank may be changing, but we still use banks. Due to the fact that many of us are… Read more »

  Depending on what part of the country you live in, and where you live, you may have noticed that many bank branches are closing down. This is in part due to our changing banking habits. Yes, we all need bank accounts, but more and more we are doing our banking online, or through the… Read more »

If you travel around the world, or even up to Scotland or abroad, different countries have different monetary systems, each has their own money. So if you are travelling to one of these other countries, except our friend to the North Scotland, you need to exchange currencies and have some of the money of that… Read more »

Recently the BBC revealed how much its top earners were being paid each year. Naturally this opened up a can of worms as many people felt that thee celebrities were overpaid, and the list also showed the contrast and difference in pay between men and women at the BBC. Also recently the Office for National… Read more »

There are a lot of concerns currently regarding the amount of personal debt that is being held in the UK at the moment. Many believe it is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, to the tune of £200 billion! The concerns are twofold, on being the level of debt is so high, £200… Read more »

  I am unsure if everyone who voted to leave the EU in the referendum last year fully realised all that the Brexit would entail. I know many say it as a simple solution to having more money for our NHS, and a way to limit immigration, but there are many more implications of the… Read more »