Our currency here in the UK is on a roll of changes lately. First we had the new plastic fivers being introduced into circulation. Then the new 12 sided pound coins being brought out, and now the new £10 notes. While the new currency has been accepted, as if we had a choice, and… Read more »

He said, “I’ll be back”, and he is, in new PPI ads on TV. One of, if not the largest mis-selling scandal to be uncovered in recent or all times, is the PPI/Payment Protection Insurance scandal. The banks have set aside billions and billions for these claims, and have already paid out billion in past… Read more »

  This past March, the Bank of England rolled out (pun intended) a new £1 coin. The new coin has 12 sides, and uses two different coloured metals, similar to the £2 coin, and is supposed to be counterfeit proof. In fact to date, no counterfeit new £1 coins have been found or seen. Te… Read more »

  With Barclays announcing they are closing more bank branches, Natwest having already said the same, and HSBC closing bank branches over the years, it is soon getting to be where can we go to do our banking?? The issues we and banks face is that not as many of us are visiting bank branches… Read more »

  Over the past couple of years there have been quite a few topics in the news that seem to have monopolised the news, payday loans and lenders, PPI claims and the mis-selling of PPI, and also the Brexit. PPI claims seems to have settled down some, but with a deadline now being set by… Read more »