If we continue on the path and trend we are currently on, data shows that sometime this year in 2018, “peak cash” will pass, and at that point we will be using debit and credit cards, and other non-cash means for payment more than we will be using cash. If would appear that our… Read more »

The next in line for what you may ask??? The next to be facing Parliament and the public for errors, miscalculations, mis-selling, and in general poor business practices. There was the mis-selling of PPI, banks losing millions, payday lenders, etc, and it may be accountants are next. Now you might say to yourself, accountants, their… Read more »

  A lot is changing in the world, and in the world of personal finance and money. It seems only yesterday we were queueing up at bank branches to pay in our wages via pay cheques, or to get cash out. Then banking got automated to a degree, we could use ATMs and cash points… Read more »

We are told we need to save money, put money away for the proverbial rainy day. Have an emergency savings, long-term savings, and of course retirement savings. So with all these different forms of savings we are expected to have, where should we keep our money? In a bank, we suppose. However, it was not… Read more »

  Would you be a money mule? Do you even know what a money mule is? According to a survey by Santander, only 15% of the 2,000 people they surveyed could spot a fake ad for a money mule, and even then when explained it is a part of a criminal activity, 7% said they… Read more »