News from: Jon Emge

  There is nothing worse then applying for a loan and being denied, and it doesn’t need to be this way. If we review our credit histories and credit score periodically we can then know where we stand and have a little more knowledge as to if we would be approved for a loan or… Read more »

If you have ever been looking for a job, or even looking to change jobs, then you may realise, it is not a cheap venture.  You want to look the part for the interview and also there can be the cost of getting to the interview. There is a cleaning service near me that have… Read more »

For the past few years there has been a lot of press, mostly negative, about payday loans and payday lenders. Payday loans were a way for someone who has weak, poor, or no credit to get a short-term loan.  Short-term in the sense of the loan is until the borrower’s next payday. To qualify for… Read more »

There have been, and still are, many questions about the outcome of the vote to leave the EU.  Hopefully soon, and in time, these questions will be addressed and answered, but it is a complicated and complex issue. There are so many components to our leaving the EU, and one of them is regarding travel… Read more »

A lawsuit against MasterCard for charging high fees could mean that 46 million people in the UK could receive a payout of £300. Walter Merricks, who was a former financial services ombudsman filed the lawsuit and stated, MasterCard charged billions of pounds of unlawfully high fees for its sole benefit and to the detriment of… Read more »