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What Happens If I Move and Leave My Debts Behind


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What if I Move Back to The UK & Leave Debts in Other Countries?

Chapter 1

What Happens If I Move and Leave My Debts Behind?

Traveling Bag

If there is one thing we Brits like it's to travel, and more importantly, we like our holidays. And with cheap airfares being tossed about with "low-cost" carriers such as Ryanair and Easy Jet, it is easy enough and cheap enough to travel abroad and see the sights.

Just look at the surge in those here in the UK applying for Irish passports since the Brexit vote to leave the EU.

People are concerned that they may not be able to travel freely, or move about as freely as we now can, in the EU, when we leave the European Union.

Of course there are those concerned about our economy, and consumer prices, and maybe food will become more expensive, and what we will do to limit immigration, all major Brexit topics.

However, not being able to just hop on a flight and go to far off destinations and sights in Europe has some worried.

Then there are those British expats who live abroad, how will Brexit affect them?

And also importantly, how will the exit affect those that wish to move abroad after the final say of Article 50 and we fully leave the EU?

Historically if someone from the UK went to Spain or Portugal, or anywhere in the EU on holiday, and found their little piece of heaven there, and decided they wished to move there, they could.

And we have and do move abroad.

According to estimates for 2015, around 900,000 UK citizens were living on a long-term basis in the EU.

As our population is almost 65 million, that is a reasonably high percentage of people. Almost 1 million people

It is also believed that almost 5 million British people live outside the UK across the world. That is almost one-in-ten of our current population.

So it would appear the wanderlust our forefathers experienced has never really left our genes.

And with our weather here in England and other parts of the UK being what it is, who can blame us for leaving. You spend a fortnight in Portugal or Spain, and you will never want to come back to the dreary, rain-soaked island, island we call home.

So we have established that as Brits we like to travel.

For some of us this travel bug may be not just something we want to do, see the world, but something we have to do, as it is a part of our jobs or careers. Our jobs take us to destinations in other countries to work for UK business in other countries, or we take jobs with companies in other countries.

This opens up a whole new realm of travelling, and hurdles we must overcome.

Just to move to the EU, currently, we do not need or are required to have a Visa to live or work there.

There are other countries, such as America, Australia, and many others, that require a Visa to live and to work there. You need a Work Visa for some of these countries, just as many people require a work Visa to come and work here in the UK.

So with all this travelling, this means that many people here in the UK are uprooting their households and lives to move abroad or to other countries in the world.

There is much to plan for and do prior to making such a move, as moving half-way around the world to say Dubai, or Australia does not happen overnight.

And if you have some accounts or bills and debts here in the UK, they may not get paid in full overnight prior to your moving.

World Travel

So what can you do?

We are going to look at three (3) possible outcomes or scenarios here:

  • You move outside the UK with no debts left back in the UK
  • You move outside the UK and have debts here in the UK
  • You are moving back to the UK and have debts in other countries possibly here in the UK as well