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What is a debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan is sort of like an umbrella loan; you are combining more than one outstanding loan together, or consolidating multiple loans into one loan.

There are many reasons why someone may wish to make use of a debt consolidation loan. One reason is to make life a bit easier. It is easier to make one monthly payment instead of two or three or more.

Another reason is that by consolidating the other loans, it may be less costly each month, meaning the one monthly payment may be lower than the other monthly payments combined.

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Representative Example

Loan amount: £2,500 Term: 24 months

Repaying: £154.54 / month

Total repayable: £3,710.59

Interest rate: 41.16% fixed

Representative APR: 49.9% (variable)

4 reasons why you should consider
consolidating your debts...

  • Only one loan to deal with

  • Extended loan terms

  • Lower interest rate

  • Reduced repayments

How our consolidation loan can help you...


Loan £4,400
Credit Card £2,050
Overdraft £550
Payday Loans £500


Lower interest rate
Only one monthly rate
Only one point of contact
No more harassing phone calls

Representative Example Loan amount: £7,500 Term: 60 months Repaying: £296 / month Total repayable: £17,802.01
Interest rate 41.16% Fixed | Representative APR 49.9% (Variable)

Is a debt consolidation loan right for me?

There is a saying, "you cannot borrow your way out of debt".

Debt consolidation loans are not for everyone, and not everyone will qualify for such a loan. If you are struggling with a few loans and by consolidating them together it reduces your monthly payment and makes your finances improve, then possibly a consolidation loan is a good choice.

Debt Consolidation
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What is Guarantor Loan

A Guarantor is a good friend, a family member or a work colleague who knows you are a good person and knows you can repay the loan, your Buddy guarantees the loan for you.

Please note as a guarantor you will be responsible for ensuring that the loan is brought up to date in the event payments are missed by the borrower. In the event that payments are consistently missed this may impact on your credit score.

How it works

In financial situations when someone may have more than one outstanding loan, it may be beneficial to combine those loans together, or consolidate them to make them easier to pay.

It's Simple!
One monthly repayment, one creditor, lower interest rate.