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If there are two iconic lines that are spoken by Ian Fleeming’s spy character James Bond, they would be these:

Bond…James Bond.


Shaken, not stirred.

If you have ever watched a Bond film, and I am sure almost everyone has, or if you are like some of us and have watched them all numerous times, then you know there are a few things we Bond fans have come to expect in each film.



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A Notorious Villain: I mean really bad, world domination plans, and many have unique characteristics like Goldfinger.

A Beautiful Woman
: A love interest for James, besides Ms. Moneypenny.

Cool Gadgets: Really hi-tech stuff, like a jet pack, the Aston Martin DB5 with the ejector seat, and a watch that is a magnet.

Classy Drinks: Bond does not drink your basic pub lager, oh no, he has to have the best, and he knows the best. James is a connoisseur of all aspects of life, and his tipple has to be the best.

So in looking at the many Bond films that have been made, one cannot overlook the fact that James does seem to partake of various alcoholic beverages on a regular basis.

Dr. No: James said yes a few times in Dr. No when it came to his drinks. He had a total of 11.5 units of alcohol made up of two Vodka Martinis, two shots of Smirnoff Blue, a glass of Red Stripe, a glass of Black and White, a glass of Smirnoff Blue, half a glass of red wine, and last but not least, a glass of Dom Perignon 1955. That huge spider in Jame’s bed still creeps me out to this day. 

From Russia With Love: In this film James has a total of 16 units of alcohol, but he was in a sharing mood, as he shared two bottles of Tattinger and a bottle of Raki. Who could forget SPECTRE’s assassin Klebb, the old lady with the poisoned toe-spike.

Goldfinger: The third in the James Bond film series. Here James drank 12 units of alcohol, maybe he was still feeling the effects from the 16 units he had in From Russia With Love. He did have quite a varied selection of drinks from a Mint Julep, to two glasses of red wine, next was three glasses of brandy, and one Vodka Martini. This Bond film ranks up there for most fans as it had the famous Aston Martin DB5, a woman who gets completely painted in gold, and the beefy bodyguard Oddjob and his “don’t lose your head” hat. Oh yes, there also is Miss Pussy Galore.

Thunderball: James takes to the high seas, and under the sea in this film that saw Tom Jones singing the title song. When not scuba diving, James shared a bottle of red wine, shared a bottle of Dom Perignon, had another glass of Dom Perignon, one Vodka Martini, and one Rum Collins, in all totalling 14.5 units of alcohol.

You Only Live Twice: In this film James drank 9.5 units of alcohol. These units consisted of one shot of Siamese Vodka, one glass of vodka, a glass of Dom Perignon 59, (I am noting a pattern here with the Dom Perignon), two shots of Sake, one Vodka Martini, one glass of Suntory Whiskey. As this film was set in Japan, filming was primarily there as well. That explains the Suntory Whiskey.

2012-11-29-bond-int-1On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: The sixth Bond film, and the first one without Sean Connery. Bond was played by George Lazenby, who once again kept the alcohol to 9.5 units. The units were from a sip of whiskey from a hip flask, (never leave home without one), two glasses of red wine, one Vodka Martini, and a glass of Champagne. This Bond film is unique as in it James gets married, and unfortunately his new bride is killed in a drive-by shooting at the end of the film. Sorry, I should had said “Spoiler Alert”.

Diamonds Are Forever: Sean Connery is back for this Bond Film, and this time only drinking six units of alcohol. He has a glass of sherry, a glass of Mouton Rothschild 55, a Vodka Martini, and a glass of whisky. One of Bond’s love interests in this film is Plenty O’Toole.

Live and Let Die: This was the first Bond film to start Roger Moore as Bond. In this film Bond drank 15.5 units of alcohol which were a shared bottled of Bollinger, one Vodka Martini, a glass of Champagne, a glass of Sherry and he shares a bottle of the famous Dom Perignon. The title song was written and sang by Sir Paul McCartney.

The Man With The Golden Gun: The next Bond film again starred Roger Moore, but also had horror film legend Christopher Lee as the villain with the golden gun, Scaramanga. Bond drank 11.5 units of alcohol here, a glass of Brandy, shares a bottle of Dom Perignon, a glass of red wine, and a glass of Phuyuck 74.

The Spy Who Loved Me: While never a teetotal, Bond had only seven units of alcohol in this film. He had a Vodka Martini, and shares a bottle of Dom Perignon 53. This Bond film had James driving a submarine car and also had the villain “Jaws”.

Moonraker: The villain “Jaws” was back in this film about James once again saving the world from evil. One of Bond’s love interests was named Holly Goodhead, and he drank in total seven units of alcohol, which were a Vodka Martini and a shared bottle of Bollinger. 

For Your Eyes Only: James had 10.5 units in this film from quite a large selection. He had a glass of Ouzo, half a glass of Dom Perignon, a glass of Gluhwein, and shares a bottle of Theotaki Aspro. The title song was sung by Sheena Easton.Shaken Not Stirred

Octopussy: With its tongue-in-cheek title, Bond drank 14.5 units of alcohol in this film. He shares not one, but two bottles of Champagne, a Vodka Martini and a glass of white wine.

A View To A Kill: This was the last Bond film to start Roger Moore, who again had 14.5 units of alcohol in the film. Christopher Walken played the villain Max Zorin. Zorin’s evil plan was to destroy Silicon Valley in an earthquake. To steady his nerves throughout the film Bond drank a glass of Bollinger 75, two glasses of Champagne, and shared two bottles of red wine.

The Living Daylights: This was the fifteenth James Bond film, and the first to star Timothy Dalton as Bond. This Bond only drank 5.5 units in the film. He had a glass of Jim Beam, a glass of Champagne and two Vodka Martinis. 

Licence To Kill: As a double 0 spy for MI6 you have a licence to kill, and in this film James killed a paltry four units of alcohol. He had two glasses of Champagne and a Vodka Martini.

Goldeneye: Bond drank eight units consisting of a glass of Bourbon and a shared bottle of Champagne. This was Pierce Brosnan’s first time as James Bond and also Judi Dench as M.

Tomorrow Never Dies: In this Bond film a “psychopathic media mogul plans to provoke global war to boast sales and ratings of his news divisions.” You just cannot make this stuff up….wait…they did. In this film Bond must have been stressed as he drank a total of 22 units of alcohol. He drank a shared bottle of Champagne, a glass of Bourbon, a Vodka Martini, half a bottle of Smirnoff Red.

The World Is Not Enough: In this film Bond tempered himself a bit and only drank 12.5 units. He had a glass of Champagne, a Vodka Martini, shares a bottle of Bollinger, and two glasses of Smirnoff Black.

Die Another Day: Die Another Day is the 20th Bond film, and was to become the fourth and last film Pierce Brosnan portrayed Bond. In this film Bond had 5.5 units of alcohol consisting of a Mojito (something different), a glass of Champagne, a glass of Whiskey and a Vodka Martini.

bond-martini_headerCasino Royale: A new Bond film, and a new Bond portrayed by Daniel Craig. Also, a new record of units of alcohol consumed, 26! Where to begin? Bond had a glass of Mount Gay (with soda), two glasses of Whiskey, a shared bottle of red wine, he shares two bottles of Champagne, a glass of Champagne, two Vesper Martini’s, and a half a glass of a poisoned Vesper Martini. The scene were Bond is poisoned and has to hook himself up to a defibrillator is intense to say the least.

Quantum Of Solace: Daniel Craig is back as Bond and it must have been that first action, chase scene that got James thirst up as he drank 18 units in this film. He had a glass of Champagne, six Vesper Martini’s (a record I believe), a bottle of beer, shares a bottle of Champagne, a glass of white wine, and a glass of Whiskey.

Skyfall: One of the best Bond films ever made. The film does not just show Bond as the great spy he is, but also his frailties. One of those being the 16 units of alcohol he drank in the film. These drinks were a bottle of Heinekin, a Vodka Martini, one “scorpion” shot, a shared bottle of Champagne, three glasses of Whiskey and a shot of MaCallan ( I wonder what expression?). This film also has one of the better villains as an “ex-MI6 operative-turned-cyberterrorist” is played by Javier Bardem.

So as we can see, James Bond likes his drink, and I suppose if you were in the spy business, with people trying to kill you all the time, and beautiful women at your feet, you’d drink, too.

*****The table below shows how we have worked out the alcoholic units per drink.

Red wine210
White wine1.58
Mint julep1
Rum collins1


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