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“Its the journey, not the destination that matters.”

There is nothing more exciting than flying off to an exotic destination for a holiday. Even travelling for business can be exciting if it is a new city to see.

While the journey is half the fun of the trip, sometimes the journey can be demanding. Your told to get to the airport hours before your flight, you wait around the airport, then you begin the boarding process, this after insuring your bags fit the size requirements to be allowed on board. You then locate your seat, fight with the overhead bins as they are full from other travellers, squeeze yourself into your middle seat, only to find yourself between two rather large frequent fliers. You then proceed to listen to a screaming baby for the next two hours, before you land and do it all again on your connecting flight.

Doesn’t sound like the journey is that much fun after all.

However, there is a better way to fly, on your own private jet air plane!


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Private Jet vs Business Class

If you are a frequent business traveller, you know the value of business class on a plane. More leg room, better service, better food and drinks, and just a better environment to relax, or work. You have the space to chill-out if you wish, or if need be, you have the environment to get some work done.

However, having a private plane of your own, is a whole new experience! You’ve got the leg room and space you need, in addition to being waited on hand and foot. If you compare the cost of a private jet, especially an “empty leg flight”, you may be surprised.

Average Cost: For an empty leg flight, the average cost can be £800 – £2,000 for the entire jet! If you break this down it could average £145 per person. Try to fly business class for that amount.

Let’s look at some comparisons between business class and flying on a private plane.

Baggage Limit

Business Class: 2 bags, maximum weight 32kg each.

Private Jet: Your baggage allotment is negotiable. It may depend on the number of people in your party and your destination, but you have much more flexibility.

Security Checks

Business Class: You go through the same security check process as all other fliers. You go through metal detectors, get patted down, and possible further searches of you and your bags.

Private Jet: Hassle-free and not as strict as commercial flights.

Restrictions on Hand Luggage

Business Class: You are subject to standard policies of the airlines. Many will allow business class passengers slightly larger carry-on, such as 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

Private Jet: Unlimited hand luggage, bring two or three if you want.

Waiting Time Prior to Departure

Business Class: The usual waiting time, with risk of delay or cancellation.

Private Jet: Minimal waiting time as there are no delays waiting for connecting flights to arrive.


Business Class: All airlines take safety as a number one priority. All flight crew is vetted and subject to background checks. However, you could be seated with strangers.

Private Jet: Again, safety is a priority with all airlines, including private ones. Flight crews are vetted and subject to background checks. However, you get to sit in privacy, or within the company of your party.

Weather Delays

Business Class: Subject to the same weather delays as all commercial flights. You could be delayed or grounded by local storms.

Private Jet: Less likely to be grounded as private flights can fly around storms and bad weather.

Additional Benefits

Business Class: Your group or party could be spread around the plan, and you have a set menu for meals.

Private Jet: Group flying can boast productivity, plus if you want to work in privacy you can. You can also have a custom menu or catering for the flight.

How to Get a Deal on a Private Jet

We all want to snag a bargain, and getting a deal on a private jet is no different. Here are a few tips and pointers that can help you fly the not-so-crowded skies of private jets in the lap of luxury you deserve.


Looking for offers, especially last minute offers, is a good way to save on private flights. There are comparison web sites, such as JetSuite that can help you in your searches. You need to keep in mind, finding an affordable return flight can be a challenge.


AS with booking any travel plans, the more flexible you are in your dates, the more you could save. Allow yourself, a couple of days either way, and it could help in your negotiating a bargain.

Group Travel

Most private flights have a set fee for the entire plane, the more people in the group that fly, spreads that cost out amongst everyone. “Costs shrink per head” on private jets, the same is not true on commercial flights.

Empty Legs

As mentioned “empty leg” flights are planes that have been chartered to go one way to a destination, however, they still need to fly back to their home base. Flying back empty, with no one on board costs the airline. You can book these flights at a discount as the airlines want butts in seats.

Shop Around

As with any flights or purchases, shopping around is crucial. Three of the leading comparison private flight web sites are JetSuite, PrivateFly and Jumpjet. Competition always bring about a better deal for us, the consumer, or in this instance, the passenger.

So one option to consider now for all you business class frequent fliers, hiring a private jet. When you do the cost comparison, especially if more than one person from an office or company is travelling, it can be a bargain. When you compare the ease of flying, and also the benefits, you’ll want to fly a private jet.

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  1. Rogelio

    Great guide and the info graphic is superb. I’ve also recently read an article about a couple being able to fly for free after they used the Jet Smarter app. Don’t know how legitimate JetSmarter is but I’ve always wanted to fly on a private jet, flying commercial is really a hassle these days. Next stop: Jet Suite..



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