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“Money Makes The World Go Round.”

“We’re In The Money.”

“Time Is Money.”

“Throw Good Money After Bad.”

“Money Talks.”

I’m sure many of us have read or heard these idioms for money.  There are literally hundreds of these sayings just for, and about money.

We also have some unique “slang” terms for money as well.


  • Dosh
  • Quid
  • Wonga
  • Bread
  • Tenner
  • Bob


We’d all like some extra cash each month, either to save, or to use to cover our monthly expenses.  And without a money tree in the garden, or printing our own notes, where can we earn some extra money each month?

You might be amazed at some of the ways people make some extra cash, either as a one-off, or on a regular basis.  You also might be amazed at how simple and over looked, some of these ideas and tips can be.

Let’s start with the obvious:


1) Take a Second Job

Naturally this is an obvious way to make extra money each month.  Look into taking on a second or  part-time job.

The positive side to taking a second part-time job is that it guarantees you the extra money you want to earn each month.  The downside is that it may take away from time you have to spend with family or friends.

In taking a part-time job, you may want to look around locally, close to where you live.  Maybe there is a supermarket nearby and you can find work doing something menial that doesn’t put too much stress or strain on you.

You may be able to find a second job in the field you are currently working.  If you know the building trade, you may be able to pick up some side jobs, work half a day on Saturday, or a few hours in the evening.

Play on your knowledge, skills, and experience in looking for part-time work.


2) Speak To Your Employer

This tip to earn extra money is so obvious, most people would not think of it.  Speak to your current employer to inquire if they have any extra work you could do to earn more money.

It never hurts to ask, and it shows your eagerness and ambition to work there.

You could skip the whole process of asking for additional work and just ask for a pay rise.  If you have not had a pay rise in a couple of years or more, asking for a raise is not out of the question.

Again, asking never hurts.  It may be your employer states they cannot afford to give you the raise.  So you do need to be prepared they may say no.  In most business situations being declined for a pay rise is nothing personal, and you should not take it that way.

It doesn’t hurt to prior to asking for the pay rise to preface the request with discussing your strengths and how much you contribute to the organisation.  Document your achievements and if possible show where you make the company money, or how you save the company money.


3) Set Up a Work From Home Business

This may sound easier than what it really is, however, there are numerous home-based business you can begin.

Part of the beauty of a home-based business is that you can control the hours you need to work and when you work.  This allows the work you need to do to fit in with your current work schedule.

If you are good at baking and cooking, you could set-up a cake making business, or even a small catering business.  Word of mouth helps these types of businesses take off.

Now let’s look at some not so obvious ways to earn some extra money, some you can do from home:


Harness the power of the Internet.


4) Start a Blog/Build a Website

By having your own blog or website, you can use ads to get paid for click-through trade.

How much you may earn can depend on many factors, such as how many visitors your site attracts and whose ads you have.


5) Write Blogs For Websites

If you are good at writing and can write about various topics, you might consider writing blogs for other web sites.

It is a way to make extra money, however, there may not be a steady stream of jobs.


6) Build Websites

Are you creative and can use web building software programmes, then build websites for people or businesses.  The beauty of this is that you manage your time doing this, working as much or as little as you want.


7) Create a Youtube Video

You can make extra money through ads placed on Youtube videos.  The more popular your video is, the more you may be able to earn.  Between this and your own website and blogs, you can make some extra money, and in a passive income way.


Here are some more creative ways to earn extra money:


8) Busking

Be a street performer.  If you can play an instrument, act, or do something that entertains people, hit the streets.  Busking has been round for hundreds of years, and in many cities it is allowed and you do not need a licence.

While this is a good way to make some extra money, there are no guarantees here of how much you will make.  You are at the mercy of other’s generosity.


9) Wash Windows

Setting up a window washing business can be done on the cheap, as it is a labour based industry with little supplies or tools required.  Get a bucket and a ladder and a few squeegees and clean away.


10) Clean Houses or Offices

Another labour or service based job is cleaning, be it other’s homes or offices.  In some cities with major universities, many of the students homes have cleaners come in either weekly or every fortnight to clean the common areas.  Another job where you can have control over the number of hours you work.


11) Walk Dogs/Pet Sitting

In some larger cities, busy workers hire someone to walk their dogs during the day.

In addition, many people do not like to board their pets when they are away and prefer to have someone stay at home with the pet.

Not only do you get paid to watch the pet, you can stay at the owner’s house.


12) Rake Leaves/Mow Lawns

These two jobs that in the past have been associated with kids doing them, have grown up over the years.  It is seasonal work, so you may want to add, shovelling snow to the services you provide to keep you busy in the Winter.


13) Build An eBay Empire

You can sell your old unwanted items through eBay to make some extra cash.  You can even use eBay to sell bargains you may find and buy, to sell to build a sort of business.  You can also sell your unwanted CD’s and electronics through Magpie as well.


14) Get Free Stuff And Sell It

This ties in with building an eBay empire.  Websites such as Craigslist and Gumtree, have people placing free ads just to get rid of their unwanted clutter for free. If you have the space and time, you get stuff for free, and sell it on eBay, and make a small profit.  You’d be surprised at what people are giving away.


15) Sell Your Old Clothes

There isn’t much you cannot sell these days or recycle, and clothes are no different.  You can sell your old clothes and get paid based on the weight.

This has caused the charity shops to experience a reduction in donations, and it is a one-off in earning extra money, but it can bring in a few extra quid.


16) Sell Art

Are you an artist or have some artistic ability, such as drawing, painting, etc, then sell your art.  Not only will it get you recognised, but you’ll also have some extra dosh.


17) Tutor

Private tutors are always in demand, why not be a tutor.  You’re not only making some extra money, but also helping someone learn.


18) Babysit

Just like pet sitting, set-up a baby sitting service.  You can post signs at local shops advertising your services.


19) Be a DJ

Part-time DJ gigs can pay well.  Plus, you’ll get out and be a part of a party or celebration.


20) Deliver Phone Books

This is a good way to make some extra money, but may only come around once a year.  You get paid on the number of books you deliver, and in some instances you can choose the route you want.


21) Re-furbish Stuff

This tip/idea can tie in with reselling stuff on eBay or through various websites.  You buy, or get for free, old furniture, cabinets, anything really, and repair it, and sell it on.  One person took old pallets and made furniture out of them.


22) Be a Caddy

There are plenty of golf courses out there, and plenty of people who don’t like carrying their clubs and bags around for 18 holes. Being a caddy will not only earn you a few extra quid, you’ll also be outside and get some exercise.


23) Sell Photographs

Where do you think many of the websites on the Internet get the photos they use for their sites, they buy them.  Websites like istockphoto and shutterstock buy photos.  With cameras being digital now and the ease at which you can load photos on your computer and send them via email, is is easy and quick to transfer photos to someone.


24) Boot Sales

Just another way to buy other’s unwanted items, and then sell them on at a profit.

Estate sales can be a good place to find bargains for cheap, and then sell them on at a boot or garage sale.


25) Deliver Cars

Trade plating or delivering cars can be a good part-time job that gets you out and lets you see some of the country.  People buy and sell cars all over the country, and the cars have to get to their destination somehow.


26) Valet Cars

Wash and clean cars as a part-time business.  You can do this on weekends, or evenings, as it offers flexibility.  It also is an easy and cheap business to set-up.


27) Be a Mystery Shopper

People do get paid to be a secret or mystery shoppers.  You could be asked to buy something at a shop or store, or to go eat at a restaurant, and then describe the experience, and rate it.


28) Rent Out a Room

If you want to guarantee more income without the need of taking a second job, you could take in a lodger.  This isn’t for everyone and you would need to screen any potential house mates, but it does bring in some extra money each month.


29) Take Surveys

By taking part in various surveys, you can make extra money, or receive vouchers and other discounts which can save you money.


30) Use Your Car To Advertise

By having your car “wrapped” with advertising for a business, you could earn up to £200 a month.  And that’s for doing nothing more than driving around as you already do.

Another easy and passive way to make some extra money each month.


31) Allow Your Home To Be Filmed

You can register your home to be used in films and adverts.  Everyday houses like yours are used in making movies and commercials.

Rates of payment can vary according to what is being filmed and for how long.


32) Use Yourself To Advertise

Just like using your car or home to make some passive income, you can wear a shirt with adverts on it and be paid.

You wear a shirt with an advert on it, and if people approach you, you discuss the service or product with them; and you get paid to do this.


33) Paid Medical Testing

Not for the faint of heart.

You get paid to be a part of medical trials for various drugs or medical tests.

Some pay quite well, but require multiple tests, or visits.  You also have to consider any side effects or adverse reactions.


34) Design And Sell Your Own Jewellery

If you are creative and like to make your own jewellery, there are sites that can help you with this and in selling your products.

You can also tie this in with having your own website to promote and sell your wares.  You can also sell items at car boot sales and craft fairs.


35) Enter Free Sweepstakes

Enter every free sweepstakes, competition, or drawing you see, either online or in person.  The odds are against you in winning, but the more you enter, the better your odds.

You have to be in it, to win it.


36) Be a Linesitter

Every time Apple releases a new product, people queue up days in advance to be the first to get the opportunity to purchase the new product.  You can hire yourself out to sit in the queues and lines for someone.

Bring a flask of tea, something to read, and a strong bladder.


37) Data Entry

While not a glamorous job, doing data entry is flexible as to the hours you work, and you can get paid according to the volume of work you do.


38) Handmade Greeting Cards

You can make and sell handmade birthday, Christmas, and greeting cards tailored for the person they are for.

If someone is a football fan, you can create a card that shows their favourite team.  You can use photos from the family to personalise the card as well.

Personalised cards are popular, and by using some creativity and time, you can make some extra money.


39) Be a Handyman

Are you good with repairs and DIY stuff, then offer your services as a handyman doing minor repairs.


40) Host a Foreign Student

Similar to renting a room out or taking in a lodger, hosting a foreign student allows you to try out the idea of renting a room for a short period of time.  In most instances you and the student will have been screened to some degree.

You can contact your local universities as to how to begin the process.


41) Leaflet Distribution

All those takeaway and chippy leaflets get dropped through you post slot by someone, why not you.

Not only can you make a few extra pounds, you might lose a few pounds in weight as well.


42) Personal Shopper

There are times when people need to do their shopping, be it food, clothes, whatever, and they just don’t have the time.  Granted clothing shopping for someone else can be difficult, but food, and other household items shopping can be done off a list.

You can advertise your services via the local shops or online.


43) Rent Out Parking Spaces

Do you have a parking pad or parking at your place that you do not use, rent it out.

If you live close to businesses or a train station, this can be a way to have some extra money coming in each month.

You do need to inquire with your local council first.  Some councils are taking exception to this and there may be fees involved.


44) Wedding Planner/Assistant

Weddings are big business and also a lot of work.  Many brides try to plan their own wedding and with so much to remember and do, a planner or assistant is helpful.

You also may want to inquire with well known wedding planners to train with and assist them.


45) Write Letters to Magazines

Magazines need letters sent to them from readers or letters to the editor that they publish.

Magazines like “Take a Break” or “Pick Me Up” publish reader’s letters on a regular basis.

There are no guarantees they will publish your letter, so not a sure fire way to make some extra money, but used in conjunction with many of the other tips and ideas, anything it brings in is a help.


46) Be a Translator or Interpreter

Can you speak a second language or do you know sign language, you could use this as a part-time job to earn some extra money.

You could even teach English to foreign students or visitors here.


47) Man With a Van

If you have an estate car or a van, you could offer moving services or transporting goods.


48) Candle Making

Make your own candles and sell them.  Your time and creativity can pay off.  You can sell the candles via word of mouth, notices in shops, or your own website.


49) Give Music Lessons

If you play the piano or guitar or any instrument, advertise to give lessons.  A few students a week could put some extra money in the bank.


50) Be a Transcriptionist

This is another job that can be flexible with the number of hours you work, and it can be done from home.

There are transcription jobs varying in nature as to what you may be transcribing.


There you have it, 50 ways to make some extra money.  Some of these are more permanent than others, but the majority offer flexibility in how and when you work, and also allow you to make use of your creative skills and ambition.

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