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  • » Did you ever pretend you were a Superhero?
  • » Ever pretend you could fly?
  • » Have you ever made up “gadgets” like the Superheroes use?
  • » As a child wasn’t it fun to put on a mask and pretend to be someone else?
  • » Did it ever cross your mind how much it must cost to fight crime and be a Superhero??

BuddyLoans infographic gives you the richest superheroes. Enjoy it & please share it


It isn’t cheap getting together all the gadgets and costumes needed to fight crime and be a Superhero, but also to protect one’s identity. You wouldn’t want to be out there protecting society and our way of life in just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt would you. No, you have to look the part.


Let’s not forget the gadgets needed to be a Superhero. A cape and pair of tights isn’t going to make it any more. Do remember the line from the very first Batman film that had Jack Nicholson as the Joker, the Joker says to his henchmen, “where does he get all those wonderful toys?” Batman has the money as one of the richest men in Gotham City, so he can afford all those toys.

Lest we think it is all about money and being rich to be a Superhero. You need the brains and intellect to be able to back it all up. You need to be quick and clever to amass that fortune, or in the case of Batman/Bruce Wayne, inherit it.

  • Was a member of the Avengers and fell in love with X-Men member Storm.
  • He has a Ph.D in Physics from Oxford University and is considered to be one of the eighth smartest people on the planet.

  • Is a member of the Avengers.
  • Was made bankrupt in the past and has lost the company Stark Industries on two occasions.

  • Inherited his fortune when his parents were murdered.
  • The family fortune started out in real estate before Gotham City became a huge metropolis.
  • Bruce Wayne is a graduate of Yale Law School.

  • Is a Supervillain and archenemy of Superman.
  • Owned the Daily Planet newspaper for a short period.

  • Was originally born to a tribe of Latverian gypsies.
  • Is a polymath and scientific genius.

  • Inherited Queen Industries when his parents were killed on safari. The company was founded by Robert Queen, Oliver’s father.
  • Early on Queen Industries made their money through the sale of munitions and weapons.
  • Currently Queen Industries funds charities and also the Green Arrow’s crime-fighting activities.

  • Is a high-level telepath who can read and influence human minds.
  • Graduated at age 16 from Harvard University.

  • Magneto is the most powerful mutant on Earth.
  • Magneto can control metal, create magnetic shields, and fly.

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15 Responses to “The World’s Richest Superheroes”

  1. Casey

    What about the massive treasure hordes of Conan, King Kull, or the Olympians? What about Kang, whose empire spans both space and time and is no doubt worth a number that doesn’t exist in this primitive century? What about the races of the Kree, or the Shi’ar, whose fleets number as many as the stars in the galaxy? I’m sure their fuel costs alone are worth more than 100 Wakandas.

  2. Pat

    Emma Frost, Frost Industries. Also Warren Worthington, Worthington Industries. Emma bankrolled the X-Men entirely after Schism.

  3. Johnny

    Warren Worthington aka Archangel of the X-men. It’s been said in the comics he’s worth multiple billions.

  4. Brian

    Let’s not forget Reed Richards. I’m going to cry foul and state that Doom is the wealthiest, but he runs a closed economy and is not interested in trade.

  5. Brendan

    you forgot Iron Fist, Danny Rand, billionaire who owns Rand Industries in the Marvel Universe.

  6. DDS

    Black Panther is chief of Wakanda. He doesn’t own it. The Vibranium is something from which the nation as a whole benefits directly. It is not a representation of the Western fantasy of African kleptocracy. Meanwhile, the others on the list are either bona-fide 1%s, dictators, or (just) thieves.

  7. asense

    Magnetos real name “Max Eisenhardt”? Never heart that before, thought its “Magnus Lehnsherr”. Whos mistake?

  8. Roland Duel

    The bulk of the modern Wayne fortune was made from reverse engineering Kryptonian technology by Thomas Wayne.

  9. Mark

    You left out the TOP of the list, which would be Arthur Curry (Aquaman) who is the King of over 71% of the surface of the Earth.

    • Nitrokitty

      I would guess that Aquaman does not own wealth in the same sense that us surface-dwellers understand it. That’s probably why he wasn’t on the list.

  10. jeremy

    Bruce Wayne took over Lex Luthors’s fortune when it was discovered Luthor was abusing the powers of the Presidency. So Luthor is bankrupt, and Wayne has all of his assets, obtained in a fire sale arranged by Talia al Ghul.


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